7 Aug 2012

Some of my favorites

So, this post will be about some of my favorite Danish blogs.. 
My Bloglovin' reading list is quite long, so it was hard to choose, but these are some of the most inspiring from my point of view, and since it's my blog I get to rule!


vilde kaniner/and the black

This is Marie and Lærke Jedig, and yes, they are sisters.. Marie is a blogger at vilde kaniner (wild rabbits) and Lærke at and the black. I've chosen to combine them, not because they're completely alike, but because they are (IMO) the Danish MKA. Their style is very minimalistic, a little trashy and very understated luxury. I find a lot of inspiration in these girls. They are gorgeous! The white hair and the (often) black outfits speaks to me. (Are you talkin' to me, huh?!) They are amazing as individuals and as a duo, I mean come on - look at them?! 


Who's that? Sille. Sille who? That's right - SilleWho!
Stylewise she's a bit like the Jedig sisters, but more rock n' roll. Her blog is all about the crappy photobooth quality pictures, cigarettes, titties and redwine (lots of it!) And you know what? I'm a fan! She's honest, she's real, she swears, she smokes and she's drop dead gorgeous! 


Beauty Junkie

Meet Birgitte and Cecilie! They run the blog Beauty Junkie and I must admit that it is one of my all time favorite blogs! They take amazing pictures, give great tips, the writing is humorous and detailed and they seem like the nicest girls! And look at how beautiful they are! Damn! 


Frk. Kræsen

This is Linn Katarina and she's actually Swedish, but she lives in Copenhagen. She's the owner of the cooking blog Frk. Kræsen (Miss Picky). Her recipes are simple, delicious and very no-bullshit. It's not pretentious or impossible to make, but inspiring and homey. On top of that she is the cutest thing ever! Her pictures are very pretty and she has some great and quirky ideas. 


Mi Confesión

This pretty girl is Line Sofie. And she is quite unique. Her blog isn't just a shallow re-run of her days, but a doorway into her universe. It's crazy - I've never met the girl, but I feel like I know her. And I know that many of her readers feel the same way. She recently went through a very difficult breakup and she shared and confided all of the horrible feelings and emotions with us, the readers. We have seen her crying out of despair and smiling again on the better days. She is so strong! And I consider her strong because she was able to show that she was weak, and I have endless amounts of respect for that! 

That was some of my favorite Danish bloggers. Enjoy!
Kisses, J

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