21 May 2012

Top 5 of things I'll never understand

Well, first things first: Of course I like clothes, accesories, hairdye and so on, but there are a few things I will never really understand. I read magazines, watch TV and read blogs and from time to time some crazy trend pops up and I can't help it but get a little confused.. Here's my top 5:

1. Crazybig sunglasses

Some girls have a thing for shoes, some for bags and purses - but my thing has always been sunglasses, but really? These ridiculously huge sunglasses have been around for years and every summer some girls simply choose to walk around looking like really big bugs! I just don't get it.. And honestly I don't know which of the girls above looks most ridiculous..

2. Neon

This gives me some serious flashbacks.. Ladies, the 90's called and they don't even want their trend back! In my opinion there is absolutely nothing flattering about neon outfits - especially if you're pale as a sheet! So thank you very much, Minaj and Perry! Thank you for convincing teenage girls around the world that neon is cool! Dumbasses!

3. Tan in a Can-Ban!

Speaking of pale - here's the opposite! I don't even know where to start.. Wrinkles, sundamage and skincancer! Those are some of the goodies that follow along when you like to spend the summer frying on the beach and the winter in a tanning bed! Good luck turning 30, gals! And even if you decide the less damaging way and spray yourself from head to toe with tan in a can, chances are that you will end up looking like a carrot or Donnatella Versace.. And neither is a good thing! 

4. Grey hair on young women

If your hair is getting grey naturally, then go grey! More power to ya! But I've recently spotted a lot of girls my age, who run around with what they may think is silver hair.. And I'm sorry girls, but it's just not.. It's grey! Your time will come, so why not enjoy all the wonderful pigmentation that is given to you from the wonders of youth?! I recently had a bad hair dyeing episode with some grey involved myself and it wasn't pretty.. So you won't see me as a silverfox anytime soon..

5. Enormous sun hats

I know that Samantha did it, but come on - the woman was on a mission! Lurking on her Adonis neighbour AND binging on guacamole at the same time, that simply calls for some serious camouflage! But that doesn't mean it looked good.. I like hats, but keep them well proportioned, ladies!


    okay tan in a can kan jeg give dig ret i, men store solbriller, neon, gråt farvet hår og kæmpe store solhatte er jo for cool!

    Men selvfølgelig, hver sin smag ;)

    Ellers et meget sjovt indlæg!

    1. Der er ikke noget i vejen med store solbriller, jeg kan bare ikke klare de der gigantiske fluebriller! Og jeg fik neon nok i 90´erne, tak! Der kan dog godt snige sig lidt neon på neglene i ny og næ, men ellers ikke.. ;) haha


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