15 Apr 2012

INIKA Cosmetics

A while ago I got some great stuff from INIKA Cosmetics.
INIKA is an almost saintly brand! It's natural, organic, vegan, halal, cruelty-free and recyclable. 
GREAT! But come on now, is it any good then? To that, I'll have to say yes! 

Here's the stuff I've tested:

Mineral Foundation Powder

I've become an addict to this particular product! It's just great! It gives a very natural finish that no liquid foundation can. It leaves the skin oil-free and able to breath. It has great coverage and the skin looks even and with a glow. And the biggest plus - it has SPF15!!

Mineral Bronzer - Sunkissed

This is a product that require some skills with the brush! The pigmentation is really great, so you'll need to be careful not to end up looking like Nicole Richie on a bad day. But when you get the hang of it, it's a really great bronzer! It doesn't have a lot of shimmer like many other bronzers do, so you won't look like a disco ball.

Mineral Blush - Blooming Nude

Again - easy with the brush! This is a very concentrated blush and a little will get you a long way! This shade is way too dark for my fair Scandinavian skin, so when it comes to colour I'm not sure. This shade is for medium to dark complexion, so for light skin I would prefer the Peachy Keen, Pink Pinch or Rosy Glow. But no matter what you'll get a lot of blush for your money!

Liquid Foundation - Beige

It's said to match almost all average white skin tones, but I'm gonna say no to that! I tried it on and ended up looking like someone who just got home from snowboarding for two weeks! It is very dark! But apart from the shade it creates a very even finish that doesn't look oily. It's a little hard to apply, so I would recommend a sponge or a brush! It contains Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Macademia Nut Oil and Shea Butter, so it will keep your skin moist all day! Yum! And the Green Tea and Chamomile will keep you fresh!

Perfection Concealer - Light

It's a bit too liquid for me. I like my concealer a bit more creamy and thick, but it feels great on the skin and doesn't clog your pores. I still have teenage skin, even though I'm 21, so it doesn't really cut it for me, but for those of you with more even and clean skin (damn you, bi***es!) it might work wonders, if your biggest problem is flushed cheeks or dark circles under the eyes!

Light Reflecting Highlighting Creme

This stuff is so good! Just dab a little on your cheek bones and/or on the brow bone and it gives a really illuminating effect, without being too much. 

Mineral Eyeshadow - Forest Gold

This eyeshadow is a deep forest green with a hint of gold and the pigmentation is really rich. This gives a very vibrant result with a lot of dept. The colour is really pretty and if you're not into green, there's 23 other amazing colours to choose from. 

Lip Whip - Peach

This 100 % vegan lip gloss has a very pretty peachy colour but the texture is really liquid. It's great that it doesn't contain any animal ingredients and that it's certified halal, so vegans and muslims can use it and stay 100 % true to their beliefs. It also comes in the colours Melon, Berry and Apricot.

So to sum up: INIKA har some pro's and some con's, just like any other make up brand. The biggest pro is the philosophy behind the products. All natural, vegan, organic, halal, cruelty-free and recyclable! And those are some very important things in my world! Some of the products are absolutely great, like their Mineral Foundation Powder and the Mineral Bronzer. They're already favourites!

Find INIKA here!

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  1. Hey, hvis der er noget af det der du ikke bruger ;););)
    Er det uden parfume og parabener?

    1. Hahah, du må gerne få den der blush, men tror også den er for mørk til dig :) Og ja, det er helt uden parabener og parfume!

  2. Nice!!! men jeg tænkte mere på concealeren. Ved du hvor meget den koster i virkeligheden, og vil du sælge? :)

    1. Den koster vist omkring 200-250 kr. Jeg har bare fået en i prøvestørrelse, så der er desværre ikke meget tilbage :)


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