15 Apr 2012

The Force is strong with this one

Hi guys! 
It's been a while, but I'm not even sorry.. I haven't been inspired to blog at all, actually I havne't been inspired at all. I usually read a lot of blogs too, but I haven't even done that in a while.. But well.. Just wanted to check in and say hello! And I can see on the statistics that a lot of you are still here and I'm grateful for that - you guys rock! 

Here's a picture of my new Darth Vader tattoo

The design and the real thing, just after we we're done.

The artist is Joshua from Black Cat Ink, Aalborg/The Bomb Tattoo, Hobro and he is truly amazing! He made the coolest design (way better than my own!) and he is very skilled. Actually it didn't even hurt that much! It's not completely done yet. It's going to get some wicked colour when the tracing heals.. Cool, huh?


  1. GET OUT OF HERE. Den er for fed! Jeg skal selv have en Darth og Trooper tus, lige så snart det er muligt.
    Eeej den er virkelig flot. Kæft hvor fedt :D

    1. Tusind tak, jeg er også sindssygt glad for den! :)
      Jeg har faktisk planer om at bygge videre og ende med et helt Star Wars themed sleeve :)


Every comment is highly appreciated - it makes this whole thing even more fun!