14 Feb 2012

Happy Nauseating Day!

For some people February 14th is Valentine's Day. Not for me!
Today is my birthday and, go figure, always has been! The last 21 years at least.. 
Wow, weird sentence, but I guess you get the point.. Note to self: Keep it simple, stupid!

I had my parents and my sister over yesterday for some coffee and birthday cake, which was really laid back and nice. I got some presents - mostly practical stuff, like basic clothes, a cookbook, an angora sweater, ect.. Good stuff! My sister had painted me a picture of the mini Vader from the Volkswagen commercial and I absolutely love it! If you haven't noticed it yet, I have a thing with Star Wars.. 

So today is not about flowers, chocolate and jewelry for me - it just happens to be the day I get one year older and boy, can I feel it.. Gotta grow up, man! Hahaha.. 

So.. Fuck Valentine's Day and remember to love EVERYDAY! 

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