17 Jan 2012

Music in 2012

Okay.. Time to get serious! This will be a post about one of the single most important things in my life - music! 

You lovely readers, who's not from DK, might feel a little lost and that's quite okay, but keep reading if you like..

2011 was a really exciting year when it comes to music in Denmark. 
We were introduced to a whole new wave of musicians from the more underground-ish scene. All of a sudden they came in from the streets and put themselves on the map. And oh, did people love it.. I've gotten pretty used to be on the sideline, especially in the dancehall environment and I'v seen this massive transformation in what the crowds around the country wanted. There will always be the stubborn ones who will always love the more candycoated pop from guys like Rasmus Seebach, Nik og Jay, Joey Moe and so on.. 

But a lot of people got their eyes opened to a whole new world. Suddenly people knew names like Danni Toma, Shaq Boosie, Klumben, Raske Penge, Ham Der Hasse, Kesi and so many more..

If you haven't heard of Cheff Records in 2011, you've been living under a rock. They did something pretty highfive-worthy. They said "fuck that shit" when the major record labels headhuntet them and used the contracts they were given to mix joints on. And then they started their own record label - Klumben, ELOQ, Oliver/Topgunn/Shaq Boosie, Jamel and Kidd, also known as Cheff Records. Five guys, four of them musicians and one photographer. Whether you like the music or not.. Well that's not the main issue right now. Them making it - that was an important step in the evolution of the Danish music scene.

Cheff led the way for the more niche typed musicians. The digital 80's dancehall has had a great year! Dancehall sessions all over Denmark every week from Aalborg to Copenhagen. There has always been a dancehall/reggae scene in Denmark - that's nothing new, but the attention for the genre is growing. In 2011 tunes like "Rundt" by Raske Penge and Klumben, "Farlig" by Ham Der Hasse and Sukker Lyn and "Bor Her" by Raske Penge were played on repeat on various clubs, at parties and in headphones around the country. 

On the hip hop scene artists like Danni Toma and Young made their marks in 2011. Young recorded with some of the grand old men in Danish hip hop and played warm up for L.O.C.'s tour "Libertiner." Danni Toma realeased his album "Rige Mænds Jakkesæt" (rich men's suits) in December and the succes, as far as that album goes, hasn't even started yet.

I'm really excited to see how 2012 will evolve when it comes to music in DK. 
As most of you know, Kidd decided to stop the project and returning to being Nicholas Westwood again, so my guess is that a lot of you are curious to see what his next move is gonna be?

I have some hopes for who will make it this year. Let's take the obvious first - Ham Der Hasse. He is my fiancé, so anything else would be peculiar. Besides that I think he's extremely talented and no matter what he will proceed making quality music. 

Then I have high hopes for a band called Point Blank. Those of you who have been reading the blog for a while probably know them by now. They play the most delicious jazzy hip hop and they are going to get far - I can feel it!

Also, guys like Lukas Graham, Waldo and Marsha, Mighty Mala and many more could very possibly be outstanding in 2012..

But hey - where them girls at?!

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