26 Dec 2011


When I said I wasn't celebrating Christmas this year I wasn't being correct..
I'm at my parents now and we had Christmas dinner last night. We made some great food, made marcipan/nougat/chocolate treats and we even decorated a little tree. Usually we spend Christmas with the rest of the family. Doing all the standard stuff. Eating, singing, dancing around the tree and giving presents. But not this year. Last year we decided that we would skip the whole presents part, so my parents, my sister and myself decided that we would like to do something entirely different this year, so we were just us and it was really nice. We ended up getting some gifts after all. I was expecting one, but I got three! And it was three great ones! Here's what I got..

Alis sweatshirt, Adidas honey hook and my favourite perfume from Ralph Lauren

I got my first pay check this friday, so I've ordered some stuff too..

Faux fur from and a Samsung Galaxy S 2

Tomorrow I'm going home to Aalborg again (no Christmas break for me this year)
Merry Christmas, you guys and take care!


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