8 Dec 2011

Cool Stuff

A while ago I discovered the greatest website!
I'm a bit of a nerd (read: a lot) when it comes to Star Wars, Tarantino, X-files, Lord of the Rings, ect. as some of you may have noticed. And I'm also a huge fan of useless, but genius gadgets, so this site is absolutely amazing and it's called

It's all the things you don't need, but have to have!
I got to choose one thing from the site and here is some of the things I considered:

Copy of Jules' wallet in Pulp Fiction

 Pac-man cookie cutters

 Showerhead with light

 "I am not a paper cup"
(Still need to buy one of those!)
Keyhanger like in Kill Bill Vol. 2

I'm probably going to buy all of this stuff over time, but what I decided to get is the most awesome thing! A Jedi bathrobe! Here it is:

I couldn't help it, but when I put it on I started singing the Star Wars theme and swinging an invisible light saber.. I'm such a dorky nerd some times!
I'm going to buy this one for Hasse:

Many epic battles will be fought with imaginary light sabers in our apartment far, far away..

You should definately check out the site on

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