2 Dec 2011

Bitch, please..

Okay, girls!
I'm gonna speak my mind about some stuff now.. And you may not like it. Well, tough luck!

Whether you're single, in a relationship, married or whatever there's some pretty messed up things I really don't get. I hear a lot of girls complaining all the time. If they're single it's "Where are all the good guys?" "Why doesn't anybody want to be with me?" "Argh, they're all scum!" ect, ect.. Everything is wrong. The hair, the hobby, the car, the job, the family, the taste of music, everything! And when they finally find someone they actually decide to be with they immediately start to change everything. They see the guy as a lump of clay they can mold into becoming Mr. Perfect. Well, guess what, girls? It ain't going to happen!! If you choose to be with someone I'm guessing you know him pretty well. And if you do and then decide to be with him, then be with him, not some messed up dream created by stupid chick-flicks! Love him for who he is or let him go! (That goes both ways of course!)  

Now.. You're in the relationship. I have one thing to say! (That's a lie, I have a thousand things to say)  
Stop bitching!  
And stop obsessing over minor details. So what if he leaves the toilet seat up? Is it really that big a deal? And yes, he will leave his dirty socks on the living room floor, but come on.. He's not doing it to hurt you! If you stop being a nagging bitch maybe things would become a lot easier. For you! 

I'm not saying this to be mean, not at all.. I'm saying this to help! Stop creating unneccesary drama. It will end up biting you in the ass. And stop being jealous! Jealousy leads to fear, fear leads to bitchiness, bitchiness leads to loss and loss is the path to the Dark Side! (Okay, sorry.. You have to be a Star Wars nerd to see the humour in that one..Sorry for being a biter, Yoda!) 

Wow.. where were we? Oh, stop being jealous!! 
I'm not saying that you should change who you are, but stop trying to change him!
If things aren't going exactly like they should, then try to look at yourself. Are you doing anthing that can be the cause or making it worse? If not, then yell at him, cause then he probably deserves it.. Appreciate what you have instead of focusing on what you don't have.. I have the greatest man on earth, but not once have I gotten flowers. I really don't need them. I'd rather have a great man and a great relationship than some roses, that will die in a few days.. 

So, girls.. Please, chill!

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