6 Nov 2011

Jingle Bells..

Ok, some of you may be a little offended or thinking "what the fuck is the matter with her?" but I have to say it.. I can't stand Christmas! And no, it certainly isn't Christmas yet! It's freakin' November for crying out loud! Stop singing Christmas carols and making countdowns for when "Santa is coming!" Grrh! Maybe it's just me, who's being cynical, but what is so damn special and great about Christmas? 
You stress around trying to find presents for so many people and just end up ruining yourself! This year, my family decided that we are not going to get each other presents and I'm so relieved. Not that I don't like getting gifts or giving them, but every year my head is about to explode of stress! 

"What should I give her? Oh, that's quite expensive, but he really wants that one. Is she buying me a gift? Should I buy something for her? Who gave me something last year? No that's too cheap. Can I pay rent? Bills? Food? AAAAARRH!!" 

That's pretty much how it goes.. Every freakin' year! So yeah, I don't like Christmas.

It's shallow, materialistic and everybody walk around with a fake smile all the time. Because it's December and you HAVE to be happy and have fun ALL THE TIME!! All of those Christmas loving people suddenly become the freakin' Christmas police. "Oh, lighten up, it's Christmas time!" Well, ho ho fucking ho!

It's not like I'm saying that I don't like puppies or pizza or something - I'm not that crazy! I just really don't feel like celebrating this holiday! I don't even like the food!

The only nice thing about Christmas is all the pretty lights. And even that has a downside. Think of all the power and carbon dioxide we are using during December?!

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