13 Sep 2011

Election week

As some of you may know, there's going to be election on thursday here in Denmark. 
The political debate has turned into a circus. Or well, actually it has been for many years now. I used to be a socialist, and in many ways I still am, but I am not supporting any political party any longer. I feel like they are all the same. Liberal, conservative, socialist or whatever - none of them seem to be able to get anything done! In my opinion they're all talking out of their ass! 

So I've decided to turn in a blank ballot paper. I'm not the kind of person who settle. And I strongly recommend all the danes out there to take some time to consider if you really feel that any of the political parties live up to what you stand for and believe in. I'm not telling anyone to vote blank, where you place your vote is completely up to you! But if you - like a lot of other peope - feel that none of the options are suitable for you, don't stay at home, but turn in a blank ballot paper! 

I know where I'm gonna put my X - nowhere!


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